Pocket Luach - The Jewish Calendar (siddur, zmanim) App Reviews

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Bon programme

Pas mal!!

Pas compatible avec iPhone 4!!!!!!



Thks for the update but the dates of sukkot are wrong !!!

Great for now

Works great as it says. Would like to see the Jewish Year (not just the number) displayed as well. Hope your future delux version is up soon.



Pocket luach

Great app. Luach plus fast loading siddur. Definitely worth the purchase. Pesach C in Ottawa

An excellent program that continues to get better with each update. Very useful and user friendly. Highly recommend it.

Does what it says

Worth getting if you need a quick English-Jewish calendar converter. A year view (or tabular summary of Jewish holy days) would have been useful (as on other apps of this type for personal computers).

Cannot Open it

I Just installed the light version but can not Open it....it crashes All the Time

Missing 9th of AV?!?!

Ive used this Luach for years, and overall Ive been happy with it. But for August 2016it lists Tu BAv (which, frankly, I hadnt even known was a thing) but has no indication that Tisha BAv is a fast day. Major fail, guys, especially when it falls on Shabbat and fast time guidelines are needed. The app doesnt seem to have a bug report function, so Im saying it here.

What happened?!?!?!?!?

I was so happy to see an update finally! And low and behold I now cant see any of the blessings and then it wont let you go back to the reg dates, there are too many bugs in this right now I love what this prog can do but this update came out too quick! Which is funny cause if it took this long.....

not ready for anything

This isnt ready for prime time, it isnt ready for anything. The frst two times I used it crashed.

The update trashed an otherwise helpful program.

OMG! This update (vs. 2.00) has trashed an otherwise functional app. If you happen to live in a large city and have a constant WiFi and net plug-in, then you may have no trouble. But for the rest of us, theres a lot of frustration here, As an example, even though I set my coordinates correctly (which is far from easy), I am told that on a typical day (I live in Colorado) dawn is at 2:49PM and sunset at 5:49AM!, All the other times follow suit. Thats just the tip of the iceberg. Very simply, dont waste your dollar. Wait for another update and subsequent reviews.

Pocket Luach is not what is seems

This developer had an application about a year ago and with all its shortcomings is back again... to take more money! Same shortcomings although he e-mailed us to try his "new program" which he never provided!


Definatly a 5 star app Recomend to anyone needs to PRECISE times and dates. Looking forward to the release of The Deluxe version.


This helps me to find when to do things. It has made me feel more spiritual.

Better & Better!

Love this app. Wish it was out w deluxe by now. Used the windows mobile version & was able to add my own yahrzeits , etc & sync w outlook. Really look forward to doing that again. Much better than the wm version minus the deluxe features. Cant wait for the Deluxe version! I keep checking constantly.

Location services bug

Application converts dates well but crashes when you try to do anything interesting. Consider using a free luach instead until this is fixed!

Incredible; Extremely Well Done

I am so glad to have this little app at my disposal. Very well done and presented.

Pocket Luach Review

Great program! A lot of thought and care has been put into it. I live in Finland with unusual time changes through the year because of how far north we are. I also travel a lot, but the program deals with all of this easily!

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